What Our Management Team Has Done Since 1996

  • Focused on small-cap growth companies and institutional investors
  • Managed private and public financings
  • Serviced companies and investors all over the world
  • Managed transactions providing more than $6 billion to growth companies
  • Successfully built and grown our own companies

What We’re Doing Differently Today

  • In December 2012 we launched the I-Bankers Direct web platform to provide investors with online access to the same types of investment opportunities we provide to institutional investors
  • Facilitating investments in “retail-sized” denominations alongside larger “institutional-sized” blocks
  • Allowing companies raising capital to connect with individual investors and a select group of institutions
  • Enabling online access to company presentations, management conference calls and offering documents for each company raising capital
  • Empowering you to analyze investment opportunities at your convenience, on your timeline and from anywhere you have Internet access