CF Questionnaire

Restrictions on Cancelling Commitment in the Event of Closing

Any indications of interest will not be charged until the company has reached its closing investment amount. If the closing amount is not reached, you will not be charged. You may rescind your indication of interest at any time. However, when the closing investment amount in indications is reached, the Managing Director will contact you to facilitate the transaction. Your funds will be held in escrow and delivered to the issuer. Transactions cannot be canceled after they have been transferred to the issuer.

What are the risks?

These Reg CF equity offerings are only suitable to investors that are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with private placement investments, and are able to bear the entire loss of the investment. These risks include dilution and difficulty of resale. If the issuer’s management decides to do so, future dilution through subsequent rounds of fundraising is possible. It may be difficult to resell securities sold under Reg CF.

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