Crowdfunding Platform I-Bankers Direct Comments on General Solicitation, Looks to the Future of Equity Crowdfunding

I-Bankers Direct is a new equity crowdfunding platform from a company that has been around for quite some time.  I-Bankers Securities started as a boutique investment banking firm in 1996 that has managed more than $6 Billion in transactions that went to small growth companies.   Now I-Bankers Direct is focusing on equity crowdfunding for accredited investors who may invest as little as $5000.00 into small growth companies – along side institutional groups.   The crowdfunding site is currently  gearing up to list their equity offerings with several deals in the pipeline while reviewing even more.

The ability to “promote” or advertise these offerings has been described as a game changer by many industry participants.  Allowing General Solicitation for private placements facilitates communication, connecting interested investors to companies in need of capital in an efficient fashion -and will soon be much easier to accomplish.

Mike McCrory, CEO and co-founder of I-Bankers reflected on the recent allowing of general solicitation in private placements;

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