I-Bankers Direct Expands Presence in EU Market

Stamford, CT : I-Bankers Direct today announced that it has expanded its presence in the EU market with the hire of Dr. Silvia Panigone, a seasoned private equity professional. Dr. Panigone is based in Lugano, Switzerland and has joined the company as a managing director.

With 24/7 online access to offering documents, management conference calls, company slide decks, video presentations and other decision-making support, the I-Bankers Direct platform provides individual investors with the ability to evaluate and invest in promising business opportunities, based on their own schedule and from any Internet-connected device.

According to a crowdfunding industry research report released this past April, crowdfunding volumes in Europe grew 65% in 2012 to $945 million, and North America and Europe together account for more than 95% of the total crowdfunding market.*

“I expect a large pool of high-net-worth European investors to be eager to consider US and EU offerings made available on the I-Bankers Direct platform,” explained Dr. Panigone. “Based on my experience as a fund manager, it’s clear to me that the economic uncertainty in Europe has created a strong demand among European investors for new sources of investment opportunities—and this is exactly what our platform provides.”

In addition to her role at I-Bankers Direct, Dr. Panigone is an advisor for BSI Swiss Bank—a member of the Generali group—in the Merchant & Investment Banking department. She is also a board member of several biotech and medtech companies, and a corporate finance member of XoVenture—an international network dedicated to building life sciences companies in a cost-effective manner. Dr. Panigone formerly served as Investment Director of BSI Healthcapital, a venture capital firm, and is a member of the BioInItaly Evaluation Committee (sponsored by Intesa San Paolo and Assobiotech). In addition to holding a PhD in molecular and cellular oncology, she has a Management of Economical resources certificate from SDA Bocconi.

About I-Bankers Direct

Headquartered in Stamford, CT, I-Bankers Direct maintains offices in New York, Palo Alto, and Lugano, Switzerland. Interested investors are invited to visit www.ibankers.com to register as users of the site. Registration is free, quick, and permits investors to receive regular updates regarding investment opportunities as they become available on the platform. Growth-stage companies with an interest in raising capital via the I-Bankers Direct platform can click here to submit a proposal for consideration.

For more information about I-Bankers Direct, visit www.ibankers.com or contact Peter Hodge at peter@ibankers.com or 203-829-1348.

*Statistic from the Massolutions 2013 Crowdfunding Industry Report

This communication is provided for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to purchase securities. I-Bankers Direct is closely affiliated with, though separate from, I-Bankers Securities, Inc., a registered broker-dealer and FINRA/SIPC member. All client orders for securities transactions with companies found on the I-Bankers Direct portal will be transacted by I-Bankers Securities, Inc.

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