Issuer Portal

Issuer Portal

Welcome to the I-Bankers Direct Platform

Thank you very much for your submission and your interest.
Below are the submission forms to create the documents on your personalized Virtual Data Room (VDR) page.
When your forms are submitted, our team of bankers will create the VDR documents and contact you to coordinate any necessary changes.
(Please only fill out one of the Term Sheet forms, depending on the type of offering your company wishes to provide.)

Need some assistance?

For Banking and Investor Questions:

Andy Miles, Managing Director
Mobile: +1 (646) 645-6700
Skype: +1 (646) 374-1323

Mike Marshall, Managing Director
Office: +1 (646) 503-4652
Mobile: +1 (609) 216-3981

For Administrative Questions

Mike McCrory, CEO
Italian Office: +39 (031) 338-4916
Italian Mobile: +39 (335) 126-9409
US Office: +1 (214) 687-0020
US Mobile: +1 (858) 349-7378

For Technical Questions and Support

Chris Nash, Director Web & Interactive