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Private Placements

  • We focus on transactions from $5mm to $30mm and match institutions with companies according to deal parameters
  • We focus on attractive pricing for the investor. Private placements are normally priced below the market
  • We focus on speed for the issuer. A normal secondary offering in the U.S. markets can require up to three months just to register
  • I-Bankers has provided private financing for market opportunities that could have easily been lost under a slower, registered offering
  • A select group of institutions typically provide financing through an equity or a convertible issue

General risks associated with investing in private placements include:

  • Issuer’s lack of operating history
  • No prior market for common stock
  • Syndicate & Investment Banks determine offering price
  • Potential volatility during IPO resulting in possible capital loss
  • No guarantee whether investor will receive any allotment of shares
  • Investor’s funds locked up for period of time
  • Restricted shares are illiquid during lock-up periods.
  • Speculative in Nature
  • Carry a high degree of risk with possible loss of entire investment

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